Good Looking Friends Release Video For ‘Front Porch’

Good Looking Friends

Brooklyn based post rock and emo band Good Looking Friends recently released their latest music video for song “Front Porch.” “Front Porch” is the band’s’ first single off of their debut album Settle In, Decaywhich is released today.


The video starts off within the interior of a house with Good Looking Friends’ straight faced drummer playing in the kitchen. Then the two guitarists enter, introducing the recurring staring contest into the video. The loss of this first staring contest ends the songs introduction and starts off the action of the video.


Good Looking Friends Show Serious Subject Through Quirky Concept

The video depicts a failed relationship between two people and is shown through a staring contest competition. Shorter rounds of the contest are shown before getting to the main part of the video in which a man and a woman are pitted against each other in this contest. During the staring, flashbacks of the relationship between these two people are shown.


Without giving away intimate details of this relationship, through these flashbacks show realistic depictions of what happens when things don’t work out in a relationship between two people. There is an air of humor about the video, but the more serious parts are maintained by this relatable illustration of a relationship.


The song is structured around heavy drums and guitars, even featuring strings in the background. The intense but controlled sound matches the aesthetic and plot of this Good Looking Friends video perfectly.


The video correlates well to the lyrics in “Front Porch.” Phrases like “Another flashing memory,” and “it’s all coming back” relate not only to the idea of a failing relationship between two people, but also to the concept of this video. Overall, Good Looking Friends manages to strike a balance between a creative and entertaining video and relaying the human message that sometimes, things just don’t work out.

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