grxxdisgxxd Is No Longer ‘Loveless’


Releasing your music to the world can be a different experience for everyone. Our songwriting creations can often be very personal. There will always be a fear of people not understanding the music you create. Our new friend grxxdisgxxd is finally taking the leap and has the perfect attitude towards it.

Based on the West Coast of The United States, the independent artist and producer has been making music for years, without releasing it. This time to develop the grxxdisgxxd sound was well worth it. There are no restrictions on the music. This freedom allows a variety of influences to show their face. We can hear anything from pop to trap to hardcore to emo and more. Truly genre-fluid. 

The latest track by grxxdisgxxd is the big banger that is “Loveless.” The big beats jump right out of the speakers to grab the listener immediately. The sonic exploration that the artist pursues creates a truly innovative sound. Sounds seem to come from all angles to punctuate the track. Production techniques galore. Vocals twist the song even further as real thoughts and emotions are put on full display.

As with the grxxdisgxxd motto, “I make what I like and if you like it, cool if you don’t, cool.” Well I will be the first to say I really like what is being created here and hope to hear more experiments soon.

Keep up with grxxdisgxxd on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

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