Gorgon City Release New ‘Go Deep’ Music Video

Gorgon City

I’ve been following Gorgon City since 2015, when they captivated me with their dance worthy “Imagination.” Their ’90s flavored pop house has kept me dancing, and their new release “Go Deep,” has me dancing while writing this review.


The reason I loved “Imagination” so much was because of the rich robust female voice and the ’90s house influence — subconsciously reminding me of the ’90s freestyle I grew up with in Miami. When all you listened to growing up pretty much was Rockell, I can’t help but hear these ’90s influences in Gorgon City songs like “Go Deep.”


The two North London producers, Kye “Foamo” Gibbon and Matt “RackNRuin” Robson-Scott, collaborate with so many talented artists that highlight the duo’s production genius. On this track the duo collaborate with the TMS production team, also known as Ghosted: Thomas “Froe” Barnes, Benjamin Kohn, and Peter “Merf” Kelleher.


Joined by Camille Purcell, also known as Kamille, “Go Deep” highlights the production team’s ability to work together to create a song that is quite catchy. On this track, Kamille’s sensual voice with the pop house compulses you to dance. Their style is nostalgic, yet unique, a perfect mishmash of innovation and tradition.

The music video takes us to the bottom of the ocean with a filming technique called “dry for wet.” The underwater illusion is achieved with smoke, colored filters, and lighting effects on a stage. The illusion is effective, its been used in Hollywood for years from Lord of the Rings to Guillermo Del Toro’s recent film The Shape of Water.


In the video we see two lovers sensually and fluidly dancing at the bottom of a melancholy ocean. The video begins with the woman floating in water, and as she sinks to the bottom she begins to dance. Her interpretive dance is smooth, fluid, like tai chi, and undulates to simulate the waves. After dancing alone for a bit, the man finally makes his appearance. He makes his entrance by emerging from the submerged car that we catch a glimpse of at the beginning of the video.


My interpretation of the video is that this couple has had an argument while driving, and has ended up at the bottom of a body of water. Before any dancing begins we catch a glimpse of the couple sitting in the front seat of the car leaning forward with their eyes closed. Ultimately their love for each other has taken them to the depths of a body of water, and they die together.  As the couple is shown floating in space together, their spirits launched into the depths of outer space.


Romantic and melancholy, “Go Deep” juxtaposes melancholy elusive lyrics with upbeat deep house.


-Review by Gabriela Montiel

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