Greg Gjerde Is Here To ‘Lower The Pain’

Greg Gjerde

Music is love. Music is positivity. An artist seems to make it much further in this world by spreading goodness and joy instead of sadness. Not only in their music career but also in their own personal life. Our recent find Greg Gjerde knows this and is off to a good start in his budding music journey.

Born in Burnsville, Minnesota, the singer has found his focus recently and is getting his music out there. Even though he is still a young man, Greg Gjerde has had his share of hardships. From the constant moving and adapting to new environments to struggles with personal confidence, he has used this as motivation to bring good to the scene. His ultimate goal is to inspire others to see the positivity and potential in their own lives. 

On the recent single ‘Lower The Pain’, Greg Gjerde puts it all out on the table for everyone to feel his emotions. His singing style has a uniqueness to it that draws attention. Jyz Yorke and Risk were also brought in for features on this track to add more punch. There is a strength here that comes right out of the speakers to push the listener to get on the right path to achieve their own success.

Greg Gjerde is ready to kill ‘em with mass amounts of kindness, love, and inspiration. Keep up with his journey on his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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