Hailee Steinfeld Drops ‘Let Me Go’ Video with Florida Georgia Line, Alesso, and Watt

Hailee Steinfeld

Pop’s latest rising star Hailee Steinfeld recently dropped the perfect video for her latest collaborative track “Let Me Go”.

Working with Swedish DJ and producer Alesso, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer Watt, as well as country duo Florida Georgia Line teamed up with Hailee Steinfeld to drop another chart topping hit for 2017. Rising on the Spotify Global Top 200 chart, “Let Me Go” has already streamed 115 million times.

The video follows Steinfeld in a whirlwind romance where she loves the boy but knows she can’t give him everything he deserves. Between her hectic lifestyle and job commitments, she knows she won’t be able to give him everything he needs from the relationship but know’s someone will give him everything she can’t.

Shots of Steinfeld preparing for a glamorous performance are juxtaposed with scenes of the couple interacting in a desert. Driving in a beat-up Ford pickup truck, their relationship seems flawless in the moment.

At the even more luxurious afterparty wth Alesso and Watt, Steinfeld is sucked into conversation with the two, laughing and jamming out. Cutting to scenes with the couple in a similar situation, but alone.

Ending with Steinfeld’s heartfelt lyrics echoing over her sitting alone at a bus stop and crying on stage, you can tell she truly does care about this boy but knows there’s something better for him without her in the picture.

Directed by Emil Nava, who’s worked with Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Selena Gomez and more, the video shows Steinfeld’s storytelling ability, a countryside performance from Florida Georgia Line, and appearances by Alesso and Watt. Nava truly captures the heart of the track in a cinematic way.

Steinfeld was joined by the entire “Let Me Go” crew at the American Music Awards on November 19 where they preformed the track for the first time. Steinfeld also claimed “Best Push Artist” at the MTV European Music Awards.

Since her 2015 platinum single “Love Myself,” Steinfeld’s tunes have amassed nearly 2.5 billion streams. Also staring in Pitch Perfect 2 (and soon to be Pitch Perfect 3), Steinfeld has created quite a storm in the entertainment industry in 2017.

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