Harts Single “Peculiar” Reaches Unexpected Depths


By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Harts’ released his new single, “Peculiar,” in advance of his upcoming album, due in August.

Yet another example of musical artistry, “Peculiar” is as catchy as it is original. The track focuses more on the sheer talent Harts has on the guitar then vocally or lyrically, but it doesn’t disappoint in either aspect. Imagine if Jimmy Hendrix and Coldplay got together to record a single — this might be it.

Music of this level isn’t born overnight — Harts has released a long list of singles, many of them quite popular, since 2010. These notably include the tracks “All Rise (Play It Cool)” and “Leavin It All Behind,” both of which have the same overall qualities as “Peculiar.”

It is also worth noting that the vocal range of Darren Hart, the man behind Harts, is quite large — he is able to succumb to deep alto notes and then, just moments later, reach the highs of a talented soprano.

Harts Single Unexpectedly Introspective

The lyrics may seem repetitive, but they give the listener more of chance to focus their attention on the guitar-fueled emotion which the track emits. Listening to this, I felt that I should have been exploring my inner potential for the future while simultaneously looking back on my life.

It is rare to create music which sends the listener deeper into their own personal psyche. HARTS seems to have mastered the ability to connect with his audience on surprisingly deep, emotional levels.

Having been at it for a few years, Harts’ music is gaining traction, scoring him festival attention and songs featured in ads. Through he is only giving us one new track at the moment, I have no doubt that it will be enough to attain a plethora of new fans and followers. As for my personal interest, I will be avidly waiting to see what else emerges from this artistic wonder.

Harts is undeniably emotional in his classics-influenced blend of pop and indie rock, without ever becoming cheesy or derivative — something that many others struggle with.

Hear more Harts here, learn more about him here.

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