Heart Hays – Prepare For Tribal Pop

Heart Hays

The artist that chooses to stray from the norm and create their own unique style will gain many fans in the underground.  The mainstream moves slow but when a new genre starts to gain momentum it is hard to stop.  Our recent find Heart Hays has been doing her own thing and is starting to really pick up steam.

The singer and songwriter was born in the interesting music scene of Austin, Texas but her more pop-friendly sound would not be as appreciated there.  So Heart Hays picked up and traveled to Los Angeles, California to pursue her passion for music.  She has trademarked her unique new genre as Tribal Pop.  It celebrates the dynamic sound of trendy pop lyrics mixed with international beats from many cultures around the world.  Heart Hays has become an innovator and truly believes in creating your own lane no matter what your goals in life may be.  The big wigs are starting to pick up what Hays is throwing down and she is now officially signed to INgrooves/Universal Music Group to give her music more exposure.

Heart Hays Is A Born Performer

The most recent single from Heart Hays is “Dancing With Fire”.  It opens with a Native American sound but soon transforms into an all-out pop frenzy.  The peppy beat backs up the high-end vocal presence of Heart.  The energy reaches out through the speakers and will have your body moving before you know it.  The chorus will bury itself deep in your mind and stay there way after the song ends.  Tribal Pop is the next thing headed to the dance floors this summer.  Get ahead of the curve at: http://www.hearthays.com/

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