Heathensun Ask Us To Join The ‘Gang’


It is out with the old and in with the nu. Heathensun are carrying the torch of nu-metal with burning impassioned energy. The band has incorporated a modern style into the genre with the same heavy guitar riffs and vocals of giants before them. Their newest album Gang is aggressively exciting and a nonstop rush.

The band is clear from the beginning about their in-your-face attitude with song titles all one word. Each track is an example of their signature sound, with heavy guitar riffs and hip-hop influenced vocals. Gang is a fitting title for this project as Heathensun bring on some like minded contemporaries for various features that all add something to the project.

Gang starts off with the track “Make”, starting off with short guitar riffs that echo through open space building up anticipation of what is to come. The kick and snare trade off pronounced hits that come to define the beat of the album as a whole.

Following up the first track are “Heat” and “Hate”, both with features that bring something to the table. The former has growling vocals from Hotbox, with some grimy guitars in the background. The latter features Shaolin G. with a wild flow and some progressive guitars.

“Fade” hits on a dramatic high note for the album. The feeling of this song is reminiscent of catharsis of emo music. Featuring Tia Mayhem, the choruses and wildly energetic. This song is nostalgic in its own way, taking us back to metal that was charged with feelings.

The album closes off with the title track “Gang”, the culmination of this project. Chugging guitars that are downtuned through the floor lay the groundwork for this track. Building up on the chorus, the fast paced rhythm keeps the tension up.

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