Mighty Koba and Jaey London Drops “2 Many”

Unlike a lot of players in the hip-hop game, melodies are of integral importance to Mighty Koba and Jaey London, and their new collaborative single “2 Many” reflects this without fail. Instead of making slick verses the key focal point in this song, the harmonies drive the hook and even the rhythm of the words as they’re delivered unto us. You can tell that every part of “2 Many” was made around a melodic premise, and although it’s hardly a slow jam, it has the sensuous vibes of a ballad with all of the charging energy of a vibrant pop single.

The music video for this song is more aggressive than its source material, and the contrast between the visuals and the soundtrack makes for the meat and potatoes of the story being told. It’s easy to put a narrative together with lyrics, but creating something that’s bigger than words can describe starts with the stacked arrangement these two put into play in “2 Many.” There are complexities to behold in this release, but they stay away from the indulgent elements a lot of fans simply can’t take any more of in any form of hip-hop.

In this style of music, I’ve found that opposites attract more often than not, and this summarizes the back-and-forth relationship between the bassline and the percussion in this mix beautifully. There’s a lot of friction on the bottom end in “2 Many,” but the warring for control over the rhythm results in more clarity for the vocal harmonies than either of these singers really need. The stirring nature of the constant conflict bubbling up beside seamlessly created harmonies is fetching, and perhaps reason enough for those who don’t normally go for afrobeat to give this jam a keen listen before the summer is over.

“2 Many” is one of the hottest collaborations I’ve listened to this season thus far, and while it’s true that both Mighty Koba and Jaey London are on the underground side of the dial at the moment, I don’t imagine this staying the case with material like this coming out of the woodwork. I’ll have to investigate their individual output a little more thoroughly in the future, but from what I can tell about their performance in this track, the chemistry they’ve got is really too solid for this to be a one-off release – fans are simply bound to demand more.

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