Najjah Calibur Says “I’m Good

Life is full of compelling tests, and in his new single “I’m Good,” singer Najjah Calibur is showing us it’s about how you handle adversity that really counts. His lyrics are inspired, but what makes this a cathartic pop-rocker is the flow of the music, driven by enormous guitars and an old school adrenaline that we need a lot more of on the FM dial right now. Add in Calibur’s likable personality, and what “I’m Good” amounts to is a feel-good rock n’ roller that you don’t have to feel guilty about falling in love with.

In terms of character, this song is formed around its harmonies first and foremost, and it’s solely because of the power with which this vocalist is delivering his verses. He’s got nothing holding him back in this arrangement, and I would even go so far as to say that the beat has been crafted around his vocal style as opposed to him shaping his words around the rhythm of the instruments. It’s admittedly singer-centric, but when you’ve got the kind of pipes that he does, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. “I’m Good” works because of this assaultive execution, and I love the potential it has for other performances as well.

This mix is really lashing us with the guitar parts, but it’s nothing too intense in the grander scheme of things. So many critics are talking about the negative side of indulgence that it’s easy to forget how much melodic wealth can be derived from decadence in a pop song, but this is a track composed to make that point every chance it gets. Calibur is a rocker at heart, and if he wasn’t I don’t think he would be able to push this track with the kind of affection for the beat that he does.

Alternative rock used to have a lot more content that spread out across the aesthetical field in comparison to what we’ve got in the mainstream end of the genre today, but an artist like Najjah Calibur poses himself to change that with “I’m Good.” He’s not the only creative and experimental voice in this genre at the moment, but I will say now that he’s one of the more intriguing given the different elements he’s blending in this single. I’ll have to hear what he does in his follow-up, but at the moment he’s certainly an artist to watch.

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