Heir Offers Another Piece Of Pop Goodness With ‘Hotel Sleep Well’


Heir has built themselves a reputation for creating infectious pop tracks. This quintet of talented artists has released so many outstanding songs such as “Scrapped Paper,” “After Ever,” and “Fear of Falling.” While the world came to a halt, Steven Fisher (guitar), Tom Hammond (vocals/guitar), Samuel Newham (drums), Sam Perry (keyboard), and Harry Vernon (bass) decided to use this time to work on new material. Over the last year, the guys have assembled a new four-track EP. First to be released was the single “Spare Room,” which received great reviews.

Now to the present. Heir has released their latest single, “Hotel Sleep Well.” The way Perry’s finger’s dance around the keyboard creates an 80’s vibe. There is something about it that feels inspired by artists such as Prince. After the intro, Hammond joins in with vocals that mirror the mood. He gets things started with the opening lines, “I’ve got a big television in a nice house / My New Years resolution, got to buy a new car.”

Listen to “Hotel Sleep Well” below

As it continues, its funky groove and electronic elements become more irresistible. The quintet bounces off each other to create its infectious soundtrack. During the verses, they are reserved for Hammond to deliver their words. But, when the hook arrives, it’s hard to stay still. Even more difficult with the instrumental section during the bridge. These guys understand how to assemble great sounding music that is a delight to hear. 

If that is not enough, the hook creates a great sing-along moment. Heir builds things up with, “You’ve been wasting your time thinking you are living your best life / You’ll find nowhere to hide at the Hotel Sleep Well.” Followed by the repeated lines, “Do you know who you are / When you’re alone?” When they arrive, it makes the listener want to join in. It is easy to imagine this will create a magical moment when performed live. 

Heir have created yet another infectious slice of pop goodness with “Hotel Sleep Well”

Heir has shown yet again that they know how to create great music. “Spare Room” and “Hotel Sleep Well” highlight their impressive songwriting style. From the calibre of the tracks so far, their upcoming EP will be another excellent collection of songs not to be missed.

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