Hemisphere Drops American Dreams

Now more than ever we need to surround ourselves with those who bring out positivity. In a time more divided than ever before, we yearn for unity and equality. Rob Shinno created his band Hemisphere, with those exact things in mind. Not only do they seek unity, equality, and diversity in their lives and the message for their music, but also within their musical sound. Hemisphere has created their own unique path in music, melting together rock, jazz, pop, fusion, and metal. Their stand out sound shines through perfectly in their latest release, American Dreams.

American Dreams is eclectic and full of life. The album opens with a bang, bringing a bright and energetic sound to the center stage. “America” is the opening number that features soaring woodwinds and a wide array of instrumentals that demand your attention. Hypnotic vocals come in later and tie the song together, painting the picture of the ‘American dream.’

The album continues it’s momentum and energy with “Dance Club,” a song that is reminiscent of 80’s synth rock and 70’s pop music. This seamless fusion of genres, decades, and styles continues through American Dream. You can feel the years of experiences, influences, and practice that Hemisphere has had throughout their third full length album.

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American Dream does not let the energy down, continuing strong with another stand-out track, “Transmission.” Hemisphere’s infamous unique instrumentation and samples, and layered vocal harmonies create an entrancing sound. The layers and depth within this track really make it a special spot in this album.

“Letters from SF to NYC” keeps the funk alive in the album. Saxophones shine brightly in this number, stealing the show and leaving you ready to boogie. It’s impossible to listen to American Dreams fully and not be left feeling rejuvenated and joyful.

“These Are The Days” is arguably the most relevant and inspiring track on the album. The track encourages everyone to chase their dreams and not wait to do what they want with their lives. “Sky Full Of Stars” then takes over with a twinkling entrance that transforms into something otherworldly. Hypnotic and ethereal, this track captivates and stimulates all of your senses throughout it’s five minutes.

American Dreams ends the album flawlessly with “America Reprise.” The track ends the album full circle, bringing a familiar sound from the albums opener “America.” “America Reprise” is a bit more toned down than the opener, ending the album on a relaxed, yet uplifting note. Experiencing this album straight through from front to back paints a picture of inspiration, unity, peace, and diversity and that seems to be just as Hemisphere intended.

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