Hemisphere Provides American Dreams with ‘Transmission’


With the amazing amount of different genres out there today, an artist has the ability to blend them together to create new sounds. These new sounds can create unity among the diversity in both music and the people that it reaches. This is a goal of our recent discovery Rob Shinno and his Hemisphere project.

Years of performing and experimenting with different sounds and genres has helped the band form their own unique sound. Hemisphere consists of Don Bowman on Vocals and Sax, Mike McQuilken on Drums, Nathan Brown on Bass and Max Zape on Keys and Rob Shinno on Guitar and Vocorder. Together they take influences from Rock, Pop, Jazz, Fusion, and Metal to create inspired mashups that grab attention. The true goal of the music is to promote the spirit of ‘Unity’, ‘Diversity’, and ‘Equality’.

The recent album American Dreams pushes this narrative with the lead single “Transmission”. The uniqueness of the track jumps out right away with an interesting synth sound. As the vocals come in we know that Hemisphere is here to make a statement. Innovative instrumentation, vocal harmonies, and samples blend together seamlessly to fill all the sonic space. The sound washes over the listener.

We look forward to hearing the rest of the American Dreams album and the accompanying multimedia and visual effects that we have heard are incorporated into the performance. A unique virtual live show of the album will feature the new material to stream world-wide in November of 2020.

Keep an eye for more from Hemisphere HERE.

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