Learn To “Let Go” With Tara Hack

In times as dark and unrelenting as they have been, people now more than ever need music as a release. The world needs an escape and feel-good music is the ultimate stress-reliever. Tara Hack, a singer-songwriter from Long Island, NY, has set out to make people feel better with her music. Her latest single “Let Go” offers us all some reprieve from these chaotic times.

Tara had humble beginnings of train rides accompanying her conductor father and busking at train stations between Long Island and NYC. Those days influenced who Tara is as an artist today. Using empathy and observation to write her music, Tara Hack has channeled a unique perspective for all she does.

“Let Go” is the second single from Tara Hack and she continues to prove that she’s going to be a star. Her years of collecting memories and stories have transformed eloquently into music that is unique and addictive.

There’s a vulnerability that is present through “Let Go,” highlighting the emotion behind the song. “Let Go” is all about not feeling strong enough to let go of someone who is bad for you. That emotional turmoil translates into the song, and yet you’re not riddled with sorrow while listening. The instrumentals in the track keep the song light and the chorus is damningly catchy.

Tara notes John Mayer, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch as some of her major inspirations and you can see some of those influences pop through in “Let Go.” This single has an indie, alt-pop sound that is reminiscent of Tara’s influences but more modernized.

“Let Go” follows the release of Tara’s debut single “She Wants To Be Loved.” These singles have both proven without a doubt that Tara Hack is on her way to stardom. She is currently writing and recording her debut album in studio, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from Tara Hack.

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