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Hennessy Jones

As freeing as being a solo artist can be, there are many difficulties that can come up.  The problem is that there will be no one there to help when struggles arise.  Working together as part of a collective can alleviate many of these issues.  Our recent find Hennessy Jones has found that perfect balance with The H&T.

The songwriter and recording artist is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  There he has become a member of the Hip Hop group The H&T (Heroes & Terrorists).  The six versatile emcees work together to build each other up as they all aim for the same goal of success.  The H&T burst onto the music scene in 2011 and ever since have become stars of the Underground Hip Hop scene.   With refreshingly versatile music and electrifying live performances, they have been called a mix between the Wu Tang Clan and A Tribe called Quest.

Known for his great versatile songwriting ability and his unique voice, Hennessy Jones has become a force of the scene.

The Originality of Hennessy Jones Is Stunning


The latest release by Hennessy is “Concepts”.  It is a song about people taking a step to reevaluate this thing called life that we all are pushing through.  From the start, you know you are in for something different with the spacy backbeat.  Jones shows off his impressive flow over the minimalistic beat.  The female hook breaks it up nicely adding a sultry swagger to the track before the rap comes back to get your mind back to thinking.

Keep up with the whole H&T crew and more music HERE.

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