Find “Home” With Vincent Brennan

When you hear the word comfort you usually think of something warm and inviting, something that helps soothe your soul. Comfort is something that is certainly lacking during these times, but Irish singer-songwriter Vincent Brennan is here to bring comfort back with his debut single. May 14th saw the release of “Home,” a personal and honest song about family and love.

The song for me is both inspiration and aspiration: create a home that is loving, safe and carefree – a retreat from the world when needed. A place that my children can stay young, grow-up in their own time and always find refuge – home is there for them on their own terms whenever needed.” – Vincent Brennan

It’s abundantly clear that family is everything to Brennan, from the touching lyrics to the heartwarming music video that features him jumping out of a plane with his wife. Every second of “Home” is filled to the brim with love and you can feel it as you listen along. Much like the feeling you’ll get from this single, Brennan’s voice is incredibly warm making it easy to enjoy.

And if the lyrical content and overall mood of the song hasn’t got you feeling warm and fuzzy enough, the last minute of the song will really pull your heart strings. Brennan incorporates sound bites of his children laughing and playing together into the background of the song, pulling together the personal touches within “Home.”

Making his debut with something so honest and pure is sure to make fans stop and listen. With such heart and talent from a first release, I’m thrilled to see what else is in store for Vincent Brennan going forward. “Home” is just the beginning of a fruitful solo career for Brennan.

Hear ‘Home’ on SPOTIFY too.

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