“I Don’t Even Care” About Anything Besides carobae

The latest release from carobae, “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)” is a vibrant indie-pop track about exploring relationships in your 20s. It taps into how reckless and freeing it can be to “fuck around without a label on it,” as the song puts it. At the same time, the song puts into perspective how daunting “real” relationships and commitment can be.

 “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)” is the second release from The Longest Year: Part Two EP. The single follows “Ur Ex From College,” a soft, candid track about not having someone’s full heart in a relationship. One of the things carobae does best is writing genuine lyrics that uniquely capture what every twenty-something has thought before.

The Nashville-based artist has quickly won fans with raw, emotional indie tracks. Her 2019 debut mixtape, songs from 3am, amassed over 20 million streams. Carobae, also known as Caroline Baker, is a member of the pop punk trio Tramp Stamps. The music carobae seems to make is just as fun as it is authentic.

There’s no better example of this meshing of fun and authenticity than in the “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)” music video. Smashing TVs with a golf club, throwing pizza at a wall, and setting things on fire, carobae isn’t shying away from letting things run wild.

If you’re looking for an indie artist with undeniably raw tracks with lyrics that will hook you every time, carobae’s discography is a must-listen. If you give “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up),” I guarantee you’ll go down a rabbit hole of listening to “the first one” to “Colorado” and “I don’t miss you.” You won’t regret it.

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