It’s safe to say that there wasn’t anything about March that was normal. The state of the world is uncertain and it’s impact on the music industry has been monumental. But now more than ever, us as music listeners need to band together and do everything we can to help support the artists we love and the teams of hardworking people behind them.

With no live shows happening for the foreseeable future, fans and musicians alike need to get creative in how they can best interact. Luckily, March showed no signs of slowing down the releasing of music, thus another monthly list of our staff’s favorites. You can check out our list below, may it encourage you to find a new favorite artist to support!

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Keith’s Choice – “Coronavirus”

Sometimes you just need to laugh at all the craziness going on. My pick fro March is a random viral video (pun intended) that I found by Gmac Cash. Song title is of course “Coronavirus”. I dare you to take a listen and not be singing the hook by the end of the song.

Sam’s Choice – “Daze Inn”

I’m a big Carlie Hanson fan, the tone to her voice is like velvet and I can’t get enough. All of the singles I’ve heard from her have been incredibly catchy and “Daze Inn” is no different. It’s fun to pretend you’re listening to it, driving on to the beach with the windows down. That obviously won’t happen for awhile but it’s nice that Carlie can take you there even still.

Kelsey’s Choice – “OK”

My pick is Wallows new single “OK.” Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston, and Dylan Minnette make up this American rock band, previously known for their all-star hits “These Days” and “Scrawny.” It doesn’t seem like you could get hyped up over chill bedroom pop but these boys accomplish just that by incorporating the right amount of rock elements. By adding in electric guitar, alternating vocals and upbeat lyrics that err on the side of pop punk, the trio roll out endless tracks to which listeners can both relax or rock out.

Taylor’s Choice – “Persona Non Grata”

My pick for this month is ‘Persona Non Grata,’ the new release from Bright Eyes after being on hiatus for almost a decade. The song is a perfect one for our current times, exhibiting the frustration of being a young person in these bizarre times. It is a kind of rallying cry for young people in today’s world to try and come together as a unit instead of separating from each other. It is both a song of anger and of hope, making it extremely cathartic to listen to. We all need a form of catharsis in these times.  

James’ Choice – “Wishing Well”

‘Wishing well’ by Rainy and the Dust seems to be the perfect choice for the Indie Band Guru playlist. This beautiful and free-flowing tune has a positive message to tell. It is explained by the songwriter Rainy who says, ‘I ultimately believe in the power of music and I offer this track from my heart. I believe in our ability to show kindness during these tough times. ‘Wishing Well’ is a song about just that, a song about hope and clarity, with reassurance that we are all interconnected and capable of extending kindness and strength to each other’. His words are given additional impact thanks to the depth of the music which goes with it. It all comes together to create a track that should not be missed. 

Dalila’s Choice – CALM – 5 Seconds of Summer

My March favorite is 5 Seconds of Summer’s awesome and long-anticipated new album, CALM. The four-piece band from Australia is back and better than ever with their fourth studio album, exhibiting their musical and lyrical maturity and growth. I’ve religiously followed the band for six years and this is by far my favorite album because of how incredibly diverse every song is. Ashton Irwin’s drumming skills are exemplified in the first track, “Red Desert,” the new anthem of the era. The sound of the song is so unique and like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It reminds me of driving in the summer and watching the sunset with the wind blowing in my hair—totally cool! Although there are several upbeat songs like “Teeth,” “Easier,” and “Wildflower,” the band threw in beautiful ballads like “Lover Of Mine” and “Best Years,” showcasing their vulnerability and therefore tugging at the heartstrings of fans like myself. The band is about to set out on their No Shame Tour, kicking off in Europe (granted if the COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t interfere, although fans are expecting the dates to be postponed). I’m seeing them twice this summer in Indianapolis and Nashville, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear the songs live. It’s a new era for the band and their sound is so refreshing. 

Jon’s Choice – “Hold On To Love”

I’m going with a song called “Hold On To Love” by British artist Jeff McCall. This is an upbeat, danceable synth-pop tune that has ‘80s written all over it—which is exactly why I can’t get enough of it! I’m a child of the ‘80s, so…yeah. You’ll think you’re listening to your favorite British New Wave artist when you listen—think Erasure, early Depeche Mode or early New Order. Fun stuff!

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