Idlewar Take You on a Rock Rite of Passage


Rite is the latest offering from the band Idlewar and, like its predecessors Dig In Ep and their debut album Impulse, it takes no prisoners. Bringing their own blend of hard rock with blues and grunge, James Blake (vocals, bass), Peter Pagonis (drums) and Rick Graham (guitar) continue to show that they are not messing about.

The thing that catches most people’s attention when they listen to Rite for the first time is the powerful vocal presence from Blake. He knows how to get your attention, and tracks like “Sullen Moon” can testify. His voice has been compared to Chris Cornell (which is high praise) because of his style of power and control when he sings.

However, Idlewar is more than just a singer, this is a band. These guys combine to roar like a fine-tuned V8 engine. The noise they deliver is done with intent and confidence. They really know how to slay with their musical weapon of choice.

This trio really knows how to tick all the right boxes when delivering a killer rock sound. The drumming is thunderous but controlled to perfection when required. The bass provides the pulsating heartbeat of each song and stands out strong. If you like killer riffs and solos, those are here too.

With so many monstrous songs to be found on this album, picking a favorite will be difficult. However, “Sing Loud” and “Hang” will stand out with their roller-coaster tempo. The control from the band to ease off the pedal before going full throttle and vice verse is great to hear. It’s like they are teasing the listeners who are waiting for the full-on rock energy.

Idlewar Rock and They are Relentless in Doing So

For those people in the world who are saying rock is dead, clearly, they have not listened to this album. This is no-nonsense music that has many layers, depth, and a variation in its sound.

These guys deserve the attention Rite is receiving, so have a listen for yourself on Spotify, or check them out of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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