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In something a bit different to what you’d usually expect to find on Indie Band Guru, we pair our love for indie music with keeping fit. Over the last 18 months, thousands of people worldwide have begun keeping fit by training at home or in the garden. For much of 2020 and the first half of 2021, fitness fanatics found the doors of their favourite gyms shut. Others, sick to the back teeth of lockdown after lockdown, used exercise to help break up the day and have stuck with it since.

Now gyms are returning to normal and professional sports are back; followers are excited. From watching English Premier League soccer to placing your UFC best bets at the top online bookies, we are fast approaching a return to normal in some industries. Music is certainly one area making a strong comeback with new tracks being produced and released.

It’s time to get your indie music workout playlist on point and use your favourite music to help you work through those killer fitness sessions. You don’t even have to be a professional UFC star or a big name in the NFL to get serious about training hard. 

Below you’ll find some indie music workout must-haves that are good enough to help you push through the pain barrier and get yourself in shape in these trying times.

Mr Brightside – The Killers

The heavyweight champion of indie tracks for your workout. We start and the top, and this one, in our opinion, is pound-for-pound, all-conquering, best of the best. It’s so good and so energetic that many top professional boxers have adopted Mr Brightside as the tune they use on their approach to the ring. Perhaps that could be down to the fact the lyrics tackle feelings of anger and jealousy. 

Get this one on your smartphone, get the wireless earphones in and hit the gym or go take on a long-distance run. The miles will fly by as The Killers put a spring in your step. As you can tell, we are lovers of The Killers and, in particular, Mr Brightside.

For any lover of music, regardless of your gym membership status, Mr Brightside is a much-loved song. It’s remembered as the band’s debut single, taking its place in the history books. The love for this one continues to grow. An interesting fact about this song – that won’t help you beat your deadlift personal best in any way – is that two videos were released for this track. One was in black and white. 

Supersonic – Oasis

Another one for the “go hard or go home” gym enthusiasts as it sparks you to life and helps you find the energy needed to attack a big workout head-on. The tempo is perfect for running or slogging away on the free weights. 

Former world champion Ricky Hatton used Oasis tracks to spur him on when shedding the pounds to make his fighting category light-welterweight and welterweight. If it’s good enough for the Hitman, it’s good enough for us. 

We know you’ll be singing away and practising the iconic Manchester accents of the Gallagher brothers – in your head, perhaps. A track like Supersonic not only helps encourage you in the gym, it brings a smile to your lips whenever you hear it. Go on, try to prove us wrong. Fire up this timeless Oasis hit and try not to feel happier and energised.

Waterfall – The Stone Roses

Now we’re cooking with gas. ‘Waterfall’ is a tune that helps gym-goers find that extra level when things get challenging. Like the two above, it’s one that lifts your spirits and puts a buzz in your work. 

This one may not be best suited to the start of your workout playlist as it doesn’t exactly drag you up off the sofa – to dance, maybe – but it deserves a place midway through. You’ll thank yourself when working the heavy bag, and this song fills your ears. 

Those around you in the gym may not know what you’re listening to, but they’ll see by the increased tempo of your workout and the smile that it’s something special. And they’d be correct on that one.

My Body – Young The Giant

One of my favorite tunes to crank in my headphones as I go for a run is “My Body” from Young The Giant. A steady beat matches well with my pace. My feet seem to hit the pavement right along to the bass drum. This helps prevent me from slowing down as well.

If you find time to listen to the lyrics they are truly motivating as well. Not just the title but when lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia sings “I won’t quit, cause I want more” it hits me right in my heart and pushes me forward. Perfect for that last mile.

So get out there while the weather is ok, throw in your headphones, and get in a good workout. The healthier you are, the more concerts you can get to as they open up again.

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