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French Police

A band must always be developing. That means always exploring new sounds and sometimes even changing your name. Our new discovery French Police are moving forward with some big things in 2019.

The Chicago based band consists of brothers Brian and Jesse Flores, and Jose Vega. Together, the trio takes a nostalgic approach to alternative rock. Insane rhythmic guitar skills are just one of the many things that make them stand out against other underground indie rock bands.

We caught up with the boys to get an inside look behind their growth. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, how did you decide on the name French Police?

-The name actually came totally at random, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate the word “police” into a name because I always thought. the lead guitar parts in our songs sounded like a repetitive siren type noise. I was talking to my brother one day(Jesse Flores) about it and we started throwing out names. After about 10-15 different words I said “French Police”, and he thought that sounded cool and so the name was born.

How would you describe your sound?

-Our sound is the result of an indie pop band trying their attempt to sound dark.

We know you were in Karma Wears White Ties, what prompted the switch to French Police?

-After a couple of years of doing karma, I(Brian Flores) decided that my musical interests had shifted to some what of a colder, darker feel, something that I didn’t really get while playing the Karma songs. I was in the process of writing an album for Karma Wears White Ties which I had completed but after a lot thought, I didn’t feel like I had made anything that was pure to the sound of Karma. Thats when I decided that a new band with a new sound was the only way I could express the way I was feeling at the time, so then I trashed those songs and wrote 8 new songs that are now on our self titled album.

Tell us about the current state of the music scene in Chicago?

-Chicago is a great city with awesome people, but I feel like the music scene here, at least from my opinion, is kind of all over the place. With music like ours especially I don’t think its really anything Chicago is specifically looking for, rather than something they can stumble upon and realize that they enjoy it. I would love to see Chicago grow their indie community and have and have more people willing to go to shows just because, and not just to support a friend.

How does a song come together for French Police? What is the songwriting process?

-Songs are usually written after I have a rush of inspiration usually from someone or something. our first release was all written in the span of a week after hanging out with someone very day that week. Every day with that person gave me an idea for lyrics to 6 of the songs on the album. I would sit in my home studio after the day was over and I would just record the songs, I start with some drums I program and then add bass parts. After that I layer all the guitars over that, then I spend the most time on the lyrics at the end, making sure with as little words as possible I get what I felt that day out.

What do you hope a listener takes away from one of your songs?

-I just hope the listeners can feel something after listening to the songs, maybe get lost in the music. I’ve always thought it was important to write songs people could immediately get some sort of feeling as they listen to it.

Give us some advice for other hard working bands out there?

-Perfect your sound, make sure you do it because you love what you make, and don’t stop, giving up means music was never really your thing to begin with.

What is on the horizon for French Police?

-Even though we just came out with this album at the start of the year you can expect the next batch of songs very soon. We also hope to play out of Chicago more than we did with Karma Wears White Ties, French Police is doing it big this year.

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