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We all have reasons for what we do. Finding that WHY is what drives us to make music and make a difference in the world. Our recent find KOTE let us into their world to discuss thier journey. Check out the interview below:

Hey Kings of the Earth! Let’s start with the band name – tell us how you landed on KOTE?

You’re actually the first one to ask us this question!  The true story is we saw it in psalm 47:9 where it says that “the kings of the earth belong to God.” We both have a desire to live out our faith in real world ways.  This is why helping people get clean drinking water is such a huge priority for us.  We believe love is more about action than words.

We are loving your debut single ‘Landing on the Moon’! Congrats on the release. Did you write this as a band?

Thank you so much!  Samm was working on a solo project and after writing Landing On The Moon he realized it was time to start a band. He just didn’t feel that this kind of music could be represented as a solo project.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

Basically we all live our lives from the perspective of being here on earth. We are surrounded by people and circumstances, constricted and limited by time and gravity. But what if we had the opportunity to see things from a different perspective?  How would that change
our everyday outlook on life?

Please answer the following… “If my fans really knew me, they would know that… “

We both like to play golf and plan to play a heck a lot of it while we are on tour!

Who would you say have been biggest supporters in your career so far?

Probably our families and close friends.  It’s hard to make it in this business without the support of those people. We are so grateful to have a loving support system around us.

We have some updates on our touring for 2020 coming soon!

You can learn about that and find links to all of our socials by visiting our website at www.kote360.com

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