IBG Interview – 8 Questions with… LiL Stormy

LiL Stormy

We all must find inspirations for our songwriting. The best songs come from personal experiences that an artist must be willing to share in their music. Our recent discovery LiL Stormy has found this talent and is ready to share it.

We caught up with the trap storyteller to get behind the scenes. Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us how the name LiL Stormy came to be?

LiL Stormy: I came up with LiL Stormy because I love storms. Most importantly, I love making music during storms. I used to be under the alias of Milli H, but it didn’t feel true to who I am. (I came up with Milli H on a rap name generator)

How would you describe your sound?

LiL Stormy: Sad, deep, whiney, and mellow. I rarely put out a track that isn’t a story from my life. I want to diversify what “Trap”, or “Rap” is “supposed” to sound like. I put out rap songs as well, but I mainly focus on singing and telling a deep story.

Which artists have had the greatest influence on your sound?

LiL Stormy: Oh god, the list goes on and on… My main influences are Lil Peep, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Blink-182, Bones, and My Chemical Romance. All of these artists put so much raw emotion and power into their music. I’m inspired to do the same. I don’t want to sing/rap about “hoppin out the porsche” and “gettin b****es”. I want people to hear MY story; my real life – not my fantasy world.

What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for you?

LiL Stormy: It’s hit or miss with me. I tend to write in the night time when no one is awake. I feel at peace in the night time, I’m usually thinking of someone or something going on in my life and capture those emotions onpaper. When I’m in a writing state of mind it’s hard to get me out of it – I’m going to keep writing until I can’t keep my eyes open. The longest it’s taken me to make a song was on the track, “Don’t Call Me Back.” It took me a month and a half to finish the song completely.

Your latest track “Angel” seems to be quite personal. Can you share the story?

LiL Stormy: I wrote this song my Junior or Senior year of high school. I had dated this girl  for over a year. I was, and still am, deeply attached to and in love with this girl. The song reflects how I loved her and how she loved me, but I was too toxic to be around. I fell into an addiction, and couldn’t come out of it without her. She wasn’t there so I wrote Angel in hopes that one day I could show her how much I really did care for and love her. She’s listened to it and knows it’s about her. Most of my songs are about her.

You seem to put a lot of yourself into your music. What gives you the strength to do that?

LiL Stormy: I want people to feel my pain, hear it, and understand it. If I can touch one kid’s life in my entire career then I’ve succeeded. Some people need a voice whenever they don’t have one; people need someone to relate to. I’ve been through these things and still struggle with depression, anxiety, etc. I figure if I can be that voice for people then maybe they can be ok.

Give us some advice for other artists writing songs about their own lives?

LiL Stormy: Be you, be real, be genuine. Don’t sing or rap about fast cars and making money when that’s not your life. Tell the people how you feel, how you wish you felt, and how you could be better. If you’re not telling people your story, if you’re not using your canvas to express real emotions and hopefully to relieve these emotions, then what’s the point of music?

What is next for LiL Stormy?

LiL Stormy: I’m going to continue to write and record music. Hopefully play shows here and there, move to California, and spread my message. My dreamis to start treating my mental and physical  health more seriously.My dream isn’t to be big and rich. All I want is for my voice to be heard; for people to understand me. Yeah, I’m the weird kid writing “depressing” songs, but I have a voice. I deserve to be heard just like everyone else in this world.

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