IBG Interview – 7 Questions With… Matthew And The Arrogant Sea

Matthew And The Arrogant Sea (MATAS)

Creating unique music on your own terms is one of the most liberating parts of being an artist. Matthew And The Arrogant Sea (MATAS) are an alt-folk/psychedelic pop act from Denton, TX. They create interesting stories in their songs that capture the imagination,

Mathew took the time to sit down with us and let us get a behind the scenes look at what makes the band tick and what is on the horizon. Enjoy the interview here:


First things first, how did the band name Matthew And The Arrogant Sea (MATAS) come about?

“Well, back in 2000 I was rummaging through a bin of flea market books, and I stumbled upon this book of old sailors poems, the first page I rifled to was one called “The Arrogant Sea” it felt kismet. The rest is history, I suppose.


Just as interesting, tell us about your website www.makeamericaweirdagain.com

“Thank you! Well for the longest time I used a similar mantra “Lets Get Weird” and it kinda stuck. So when we were releasing our latest effort (The Glooms Pt. 1) We really wanted to market our website in a fun-loving kinda way. So..We poked fun at the Trump campaign. 🙂


How would you describe the bands unique sound?

“That’s always been a hard one for me personally. I’ve always strived to concoct unique mysteries in song, so for me, the description of our sound is influenced heavily by the late great writers, poets, and drunks of the 60s and 70s. I wanted to write music like Bukowski fantasized about the bottle. Enter: The Arrogant Sea. Together we share a unique and dramatic energy, that truly is the magic potion in the big cauldron of our sound. Heavily influenced by early nineties indie-rock/shoegaze, with Yo La Tango in heavy rotation. 


Which artists have been the biggest influences on the MATAS development?

“Centro-Matic (R.I.P) has been a long time influence on the band. As well as Clem Snide, Midlake.


How does a song come together for the band? What is your songwriting process?

“Each song, I feel has come together in a completely unique and different way. Generally, I write a story/song and bring it to the band, and together we thresh it out.


How do you hope to connect to the audience with your music?

“We’re not one of those bands out there who’s just striving for popularity. We’ve seen highs and lows. I feel like our audience connects with that on a special level. My only hope is that we continue to make music that is meaningful to those who listen. “


What advice do you have for other bands creating truly unique music?

“Don’t be afraid to step out of line and go against the grain/popular opinion. Just create. perform. repeat. “


What is on the horizon for Matthew And The Arrogant Sea (MATAS)?

“So many wonderful and exciting things! We’re especially excited about the release of our short film (“A bump on the head in three parts) which features 4 original music videos off of our newest feature “The Glooms Pt.1”




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