‘Electric Sex’ Album by Jacob Thomas Jr. Redefines Sensuality

Jacob Thomas Jr

Nashville-based singer, Jacob Thomas Jr, has just released a new album, titled Electric Sex, on Summer Dress Music. This album was long awaited, after he captured fans’ hearts and ears with his first album, Original Sin, which he released in 2014.

This record has been a three year project for the young musician, who is proud to finally share it with the world. Jacob Thomas Jr’s work was delayed for a while following the death of his brother, as well as of other people that he cared for. After taking some time for himself, Thomas is back on track, with his music more powerful than ever.


The Sound That is “Electric Sex”


His new album sits on that unique line between alternative rock and underlying country tones that pay tribute to his southern roots. His velvety vocals entice the listener, and give you an up close and personal look into his most intimate moments. 

From “Man in Need” to “Whiskey Roller Coaster” to “Headlights and Goodbyes,” his tracks flow seamlessly. There is a perfect balance between his lyrics and instrumentals throughout the entire album, as Thomas shares a story of love, seduction, and the lengths that we as fragile human beings will go to in order to fill a void. Electric Sex is filled with songs that maintain their own identity without abandoning the cohesion of the album as a whole, and in these songs he sensualizes that awkward place where we all find ourselves at one time or another, confused between the emotional and the physical, lust versus love.


Jacob Thomas Jr. Brings a New Level of Intimate


The musical riffs that are present throughout this album will take you out of this world, with his raw, mesmerizing vocals pulling you back in. Never have I seen an album so simple and complex at the same time, with seemingly effortless finesse and his courageous confrontation of bold, even taboo, yet endlessly relatable topics.

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