Jason Gisser Band Wets Our Whistle With ‘The River’

Jason Gisser Band

Even if it takes a long time to get there, when a musical connection hits things can start to move very fast. It isn’t always easy but if you are willing to let things happen and just hold on and enjoy the ride a type of magic can happen. The relatively new Jason Gisser Band is still at the start of their journey but it is picking up steam and they are ready for the ride.

What began as just Jason performing at a strip mall business fair picked up the pace when he was booked for a show at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY and knew he needed to fill out the sound to make a bigger impact. The Jason Gisser Band was quickly formed with Jason Gisser (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Tom “The Suit” Forst (lead guitar), Big Thurrsty (drums), and Andrew Fennell (bass). Bringing in such veteran musicians eliminated the learning curve. Together they connected quickly and realized they had something here.

The four-piece band from upstate New York has created an intriguing sound full of deep soul and elegant rock n roll that is catching on quite quickly. After only a few gigs together, they drove up to Dreamland Recording Studios in Hurley, NY and recorded their first album In The Garden of Crows. The region’s most prestigious venues started booking The Jason Gisser Band immediately, including The Chance Theatre, The Paramount Theatre, Mexicali Live, Daryl’s House, The Falcon and The Town Crier. They even had the chance to open for everyone from rock legends Grand Funk Railroad and Three Dog Night to Hoobastank and Lukas Nelson.

To keep the momentum and buzz going, The Jason Gisser Band released a two-track EP in anticipation of a full-length album coming soon. The connection of the band can be heard instantly on the single “The River”. There is a heart pulling soul sound in the slowed down track with Jason Gisser’s vocals drawing the listener in deep. This is one you just let wash over your body as you sit back and take it all in.



The second track “Monster” is a little more experimental with its minimalistic opening with distorted vocals and bass tones. The influence of classic Pink Floyd can be heard in the sonic laboratory. There is true grit in the vocals and imagery as the power pushes its way out no matter how hard they try to contain it.

I, for one, am very excited to see what the full album will hold. When just 2 songs leave you with such a strong feeling, you know it is ‘real’ music. Keep an eye and ear out for more from The Jason Gisser Band on their WEBSITE and social media pages.

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