Jay Elle Shares His Positivity on ‘Ease Up’

Jay Elle

Music can provide a powerful pop of positivity. Letting yourself get fully immersed in a song sometimes gets those brain waves flowing just how you need to carry on your day with a smile. Our recent discovery Jay Elle has found a way to share this positivity with his music.

The singer-songwriter and guitar player now based in New York City takes each song he writes with an attitude of optimism. Music has been a part of the life of Jay Elle since childhood. When his aunt bought him a guitar and a cousin showed him some chord he was off and running with a passion. This led to his enrollment at the Geneva Conservatory Of Music, where he studied theory, composition, classical guitar, and singing. Although this classical education gave Jay his skills he was always drawn to blues, rock, jazz, and pop.

After his move to New York City, Jay Elle dove into the music scene and connected with some of the high powered talent floating around. This included working with songwriter Margaret Dorn, manager Bill Aucoin, and composer Byron Estep. These experiences gave him the confidence to launch his own musical career.

Last month saw Jay Elle release his latest album Ease Up. The 6 track EP was mixed and mastered by Brent Kolatalo (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Lorde) to give it that radio ready sound that enhances the uplifting songs. The opener “Ease Up (Into Love)” highlights Jay’s songwriting with a pretty guitar line and a vocal delivery that will let the listener settle into their chair for a fun and relaxing listen.

There is a country and Americana feel to “Take A Holiday” as the guitar tone stays firmly in that vibe. The lyrics push Jay Elle’s theory of staying calm and positive even when the rest of the world pushes to move too fast. This is a very freeing feeling. “By The Blade” goes a little darker but somehow the singer keeps it upbeat with his toe-tapping melodies.

Jay Elle Urges Relaxing For A Better Life

There is some more experimentation on “Never Dreamed (I Could Be The One)” as alternative instrumentation creeps in along with some vocal effects. This creates a track that has a touch of big stage feel while still remaining cozy and warm in Jay Elle’s signature style. Album closer “Sickly Sweet” goes back to his basics of a singer-songwriter at its best keeping the listener with a smile on thier face and a relaxed mind.

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