Rags And Riches Will Not Be A Stranger For Long

Rags And Riches

Being a working musician is not a profession for the weak. Never mind the work it takes to build up the skills to write songs and perform for an audience. Defeating the battles inside your mind to build an image you are happy with can take a toll. Our recent discovery Rags And Riches has had this battle and seems to be on the winning side with their new single “Not A Stranger”.

The energetic American pop-rock band is made up of a pair of brother, Tanner and Peyton Whitt. Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky Rags And Riches has put in the time to discover thier own unique sound, identity, and aesthetic. Their growing fanbase seems to be connecting with that sound. Their debut single “Speed Of Sound” released back in February, got attention quickly. In less than 3 months the song reached 650,000 Spotify streams and over half a million YouTube views. 

Now Rags And Riches are back with next single and music video for “Not A Stranger”. In the brother’s words “the song is about the constant battle in your head between self-doubt vs. self-confidence. You don’t feel like yourself. You know who you are, you’re not a stranger, but can’t seem to win the fight.” 

The song is full of anxious energy but has a dark vibe running through it. For a two-piece, Rags And Riches finds a way to fill the speakers more than some arena rock bands. The beats builds an energy in the listener that draws them in closer to feel the power. 

The music video directed by Herschel Zahnd and produced by Renegade Art Productions continues that dark vibe. We can’t tell exactly what is going on but something sinister is afoot. The band strolls through the woods with a purpose while a battle prepares to ensue.

There is something here that leaves us wanting more. Keep an eye and an ear out for more Rags And Riches on their WEBSITE and socials:

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/ragsandrichesmusic/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/ragsandrichesmusic/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/_ragsandriches

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