Onism E Wants You To “Love Them More”

Onism E recently released a new single titled “Love You More” with an accompanying music video. Based out of New York City, this indie rock band is the latest project for singer-songwriter Eline Chavez. Following singles “Let You Go” and “Stay” that were released earlier in 2019, “Love You More” is a beautiful track that tremendously evokes emotion out of listeners from all walks of life. 

Onism E Uses Music To Spread Positive Messages To Listeners

It is so evident when an artist puts all of themselves uninhibitedly into their music and Onism E embodies what it means to share emotional truths through the power of songwriting. Eline shared in an Ask Me Anything video she put on Youtube that “Love You More” was written for a dear friend of hers named Nate, with the meaning behind it being that no matter who he was, she would always love him more than how he felt. 

Both the song and accompanying video take us on a melodic journey filled with strength and meaning that explores what it means to be human and reminds us that everyone needs love and compassion. Set in a beautiful log cabin, the video shows us behind the scenes as the band sets up for recording as well as shots of them performing the song. The video feels wonderfully cozy, with warm wooden coloring. The comfort of the setting was an excellent choice, as the aesthetic harmoniously complements the meaning behind the song.

Heavily infused with guitar and percussion, “Love You More” is filled with riveting instruments that highlight the alternative rock/indie fusion that we love so much about the band. Eline is a vocal powerhouse in their latest single as her voice unearths emotion and connectivity from listeners. If you love this song as much as we do, be sure to check out the rest of Onism E’s music on Youtube and Spotify as well as their official website. You can also connect with them on social media through Facebook and Twitter.

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