JDR Wants It To Be ‘Only U’


The power of connectivity and the internet has effectively made the world a smaller place. This has opened the ears of the music lover to sounds from all over the world. We are no longer limited to what the mainstream radio feeds us. All the world is a stage that we can plug in and listen to. Our latest discovery is the impressive JDR from Australia.


Based in Sydney, the duo is made up of Derrick Attwood and Joshua Paltoo. Together as JDR, they produce an anthemic dance sound meant to get the listener up and moving. Both put real work into what they do with classes at the esteemed JMC Academy. You can hear a wide array of influence from such artists as The Chainsmokers, Chris Brown, and The Weeknd.

JDR Leads Thier Fans To The Dance Party

The audience of JDR has been growing fast as they make waves locally and look toward expansion. They have already enjoyed some radio play on multiple, top-level stations, in Australia. By putting their real-life experiences into their music, JDR makes a real connection with their fans. They plan to show the rest of the world what Australia has to offer.



Recently JDR released a new inspiring single titled “Only U.” It includes a sun-drenched video that blends perfectly with the vibe of the song. Atwood and Paltoo have quite different styles but they blend them seamlessly together to create their unique sound. The bouncing beat rips with electronic trills and bilingual verses that keep the crowds coming back for more.


This is just the beginning for these guys. Their fans are demanding more music arrive soon. I doubt they will be let down. Have an ear open for it.

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JDR on the Bus