Hero Fisher’s Dynamic Storytelling Showcased in “I Let Love”

hero fisher

Illustrious with school rock and tactfully driven, “I Let Love” is Hero Fisher’s latest release — and it’s an incredible one.

“I Let Love” from a Fearless Narrator

Hero Fisher isn’t a stranger to rich, experimental songwriting. For example, her previous single “Push the Boat Out” gave us a ballad of enchantment, showing off delicate lyrical expression. “I Let Love” switches up the sound-an upbeat taste of Fisher’s work instead of a hauntingly slow ballad — but doesn’t lose the elements of what makes the music fantastic.

A poignant feature is the pulsation. The tune’s power comes from its hit-and-release build before melting into a melodic synth pattern. Cozy and dreamy the transitions become, smooth and vibrant. Fisher’s voice delicately cuts into the music, effortlessly invitational. More than a simple dance number, “I Let Love” is exploratory indie with badass guitar lines peppered in.

“I Let Love” is a testament to life, a highlight of the daily goings of multiple beings. Fisher serves as a narrator, commenting on the lives throughout the song. It’s an perspective of interest, one that makes the tune that much more captivating.

The singer said, “Each character would be possessed with this spirit, making them push on through, and shake off their demons.”

How Hero Fisher’s Video Complements Sound

This idea of every day experiences is executed in the subsequent video release.

The video focuses on a donkey marionette. Our protagonist lives a normal life — walks in the city, aquarium visits. Ideas of using animal characters isn’t new (J. Cole’s “Wet Dreamz”); however, Fisher’s interpretation offers a unique perspective in daily life. Without rose tint, it’s reality. Audiences can even empathize with the sadness of the puppet, attempts to enjoy life when something is missing. Emotions could even build to slight nostalgia, reflecting on times of desire.

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