Jeffrey Gaines

The world of music can be a rollercoaster. Because of this, sometimes artists may need to step away from it for various reasons. For some, their passion for the craft can’t keep them away too long. Jeffrey Gaines is someone who has walked this path.

Gaines released his self-titled album in 1992 soon after landing a record deal. From then, he soon developed a reputation for “ soul-searching lyrics and his powerful live performances”. With momentum on his side, more albums followed until his final studio offering in 2003. Gaines now returns with a brand new collection of songs called Alright.

Talking about the new release Gaines explains “The whole experience of making this album was just a joy from beginning to end. We didn’t have a lot of time, so there was no fooling around. We just went in and knocked it out. Everybody played great, so it was an inspiring situation. The musicians have similar influences to me, so we were all on the same page, and I picked the songs I thought would suit this group of musicians. It was cool to have a structure, but at the same time it was also loose and organic.”

Jeffrey Gaines ensures Alright has something for everybody

When listening to Alright in full, you instantly notice how Gaines interweaves various genres into his sound. These include Americana, soul, rock, blues and more. They all fit together perfectly like a jigsaw. Tracks like “Feel Alright” can offer a soulful tone while “Frowned Upon” has a cool rock swagger to it.

To get a real grasp of how good this artist can layer his music to create magic, then look no further than “Children’s Games”. It has a beautiful and atmospheric sound that is mirrored by the vocals. This captivating mood is thanks to some gentle fingerpicking on guitar and the use of various string instruments.

Like his music, the vocals by Gaines also offer an impressive variation in styles. Switching from rocker to soulful performances filled with emotion. “No Longer” is the perfect example of how good his voice can sound. His compelling tone pulls you in especially with the lines “Ain’t got time for the old times / Ain’t got time for what used to be / I’m spending a little on myself these days / And no I won’t let you take that away from me”.

“Promise of Passion” shows off his rockier side which feels like he is having fun. From the start, its beat instantly grabs your attention while his vocals begin to strut around your ears. As for the hook, that is equally as infectious. It is difficult not to sing along to “All for the promise of passion / You’ll do anything you’re told / All for the promise of passion / You’ll be bought and you’ll be sold”.

This album offers a great range of sounds with a blend of infectious lyrics with soul. It certainly reflects the fun that he had when putting it together. Alright is a welcomed return to the world of music for Jeffrey Gaines. 

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