Jennifer Hope Shares Her ‘SINspirations’

Jennifer Hope Sinspirations

Every artist begins their dive into music with a set of inspirations and influences that they hope to honor. A wide range of music will seep into your mind even when you least expect it. This is why each musician creates something different and unique. Our friend Jennifer Hope has returned with Sinspirations a new collection of songs with her own unique spin on them.

Originally trained in classical music, Jennifer always had her ears open for fresh music to form her own style. Alternative rock music and ethereal ambient sounds called to her to expand what she could create. She still never aims for mainstream acceptance. Instead, Jennifer Hope creates music that is important to her and touches deep emotions in the listener. Fans have flocked to her dreamy takes on modern songs.

For her latest release, Jennifer Hope has produced an amazing EP titled Sinspirations. The 4 track record consists of 3 cover songs and a breathtaking original work. Her beautiful dreamy pop vocals are featured along with elegant sounds to put any mind at ease.



The original composition “#1 Deadly Sin” is a very pretty piano-led ballad. The sounds wash over the listener as Hope’s voice could soothe even a savage beast. When we begin the Nine Inch Nails classic “Hurt” many emotions are brought up. We have all heard the Johnny Cash version of this track as well but Jennifer’s version reaches even more ethereal levels. There is emotion and beauty here.

Sinspirations adds new beauty to classic songs

Her version of “Dancing In The Dark” is quite different from the Bruce Springsteen original. The slowed down track gives it a truly alternate feel. You can really absorb the lyrics and relate to the elegance of them. The male/female vocal creates another beautiful element.

The album closes with “My December” which we covered before HERE as Jennifer Hope used it to raise money for the Music for Relief’s One More Light Fund in memory of Chester Bennington. She is a beautiful soul who truly aims to help the world with her music. We need more talented artists like her.

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