Latest Single by Jess McAvoy is Exactly ‘What You Want’

Jess McAvoy

Pairing enchantingly nostalgic notes with her lulling lyrical presence, singer-songwriter Jess McAvoy continues to captivate listeners with the release of her latest sentimental single, “Do What You Want”. An old soul in both emotion and experience, McAvoy first began her musical journey over two decades ago in Perth, Australia and has since settled in Brooklyn, New York.

Inspired by the severity that often surrounds modern relationships, “Do What You Want” emerged out of McAvoy’s desire to rediscover the intrinsic simplicity of love. Appropriately releasing the song’s official music video on Valentine’s Day, McAvoy visually explores the theme of love as a universally uniting concept that we are all free to define and experience as we wish.

Jess McAvoy Loves Without Labels

Contemplating these topics, McAvoy sets the scene by walking viewers through the Brooklyn subway system and hopping aboard a swaying train as she meanders from station to station. Pensively strumming her guitar while rocking along to the motion of the tracks starts to highlight the transient nature of life and love as strangers on journeys of their own travel by. Stopping to interact with a few passersby in fleeting moments of unity and friendship, McAvoy reminds us that while many people may come and go from our lives, we ourselves are our one constant companion. Often a forgotten fact due to the increasingly intertwined society that we live in, coming to this realization further reiterates that we are all responsible for our own happiness and must make the conscious choice to pursue our personal desires.

Never manifesting in exactly the same way twice, love refuses to abide by a linear and predictable schedule. Just as the train tracks twist and turn from destination to destination and passenger to passenger, so too does the path of all relationships. Intriguing as the erratic nature of love may be, it exists outside of the controlled comfort zone many people live within. However while it is natural for humans to dissect the meaning and purpose behind the experiences we face in life, it is often this very analysis that destroys the beauty of love itself.

As the video closes with McAvoy continuing her journey into the night, we are left with the idea that in relinquishing our need for power we may gain a newfound peace both in ourselves and in the relationships that surround us. Just as love needs no labels, keep an eye out for more insightful and genre-hopping music from Jess McAvoy who we are sure will continue to do what she wants well into the rest of 2019.

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