Embrace Bright Indie Rock with Jon Worthy’s ‘Only a Dream’

Jon Worthy

Based in Nashville, indie rock artist Jon Worthy has a new album, the bright and catchy Only a Dream.


Inspired by ideas ranging from political issues to life experiences, Only a Dream is full of songs that are approachable in content and infectious in sound. Jon Worthy and his band joined forces with Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant for a record full of new sounds and interesting ideas.


“I write songs from the heart,” Worthy stated in an interview with Skope Magazine. “Most of the stuff I write about is relatable and connects with people in a positive way. The music is cool and no two songs are very similar.”


These songs are pretty cool.

Jon Worthy’s Only a Dream is Exploding with Energy

Only a Dream opens with “You Drive Me Insane,” one of Jon Worthy’s personal favorites. His voice is strong and emotional, adding a great drive to the song. It all falls back on an interesting groove set by bold guitar riffs and serves as a passionate and energetic opener to the album.

The album’s title track is another strong point. It is much lighter and relaxed in comparison to the emotionally-charged “You Drive Me Insane,” and it shows an interesting side to Jon Worthy’s sound.


The prevalent keyboard throughout the song adds a dream-like atmosphere to the song, fitting to its title. It’s bursting with energy in an exciting way and, somehow, it just sounds like summer.

Only a Dream plays with different sounds and effects, and there’s something different in every song. For Jon Worthy, being in the studio was a lot about experimentation.


“Once we have the meat of the song down then I like to experiment with different guitar sounds, different piano sounds, and different background vocals. The songs always end up sounding different than what I hear in my head, but that’s almost always a good thing,” Worthy explained.


The record goes out strong with “So Alive,” a perfect sing-along tune.


Jon Worthy’s experimental nature really comes into play here, as the song has many layers of different guitar riffs underneath a chorus. By the end of the song, it’s almost hard to stop yourself from singing along. It’s the perfect positive ending to the album, and, like the song says, it leaves you feeling “so alive.”

Though he just released Only a Dream, Jon Worthy is already working on its follow-up. Stay tuned for news from Jon Worthy, including potential new singles.