Jonathan Burkett – Sharing Life With His Fans

Everyone out there has their own interesting journey to live.  An artist can take these experiences and share them with the world to create a connection with fans.  The story of Jonathan Burkett is one that people are starting to relate to and get on the bandwagon of his music.  

Jonathan Burkett

The recording artist from Miramar, Florida is also known as John Blake.  He has dove into the life of creating a brand as an independent artist.  Music is not his only talent though.  Jonathan Burkett also is a poet and published author.  His upbringing was not quite a good one but Jonathan takes this pain and graciously shares it with his fans to let them know he is as real as it gets.  This allows the fans to truly connect with him and want to be a part in helping him succeed.  His music is in the hip hop vein but always manages to stay positive and vibrant. Jonathan Burkett does not give up pushing onward to achieve the success that he desires while still impacting the lives around him in a good way.

The latest single is “Taking Numbers” feat Jae Mazor.  It is powered forward by a pretty piano melody that catches your attention immediately.  His vocal style is welcoming and honest.  The “Stevie Wonder” hook will be bouncing around in your head way after the song is over.  Big things are expected from Jonathan Burkett.  Keep up with what’s next at:

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