Joshua Davis Crowdfunding His 4th Studio Album

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis is a singer-songwriter out of Traverse City, MI with deep ties to folk and Americana rock. His success may take him around the world, but he always stays true to his roots.

He has released three very well received solo albums, not to mention four studio albums with the band Steppin In It, and he’s set to release another. At the moment, he’s running a Kickstarter campaign to aid in the funding of his next project. Pay a quick visit his Kickstarter campaign page and decide which incentive is most appealing to you.

He really went all out for this one! Fans actually have an opportunity to have their name mentioned on the liner of the album. Check it out!

Making Moves

In 2015, Joshua Davis appeared on The Voice and, with the help of his awesome talent and lovable demeanor, worked his way up to performing as a finalist in the competition. Since then he’s used that exposure to his full advantage. This success has brought him an international touring schedule along with countless performances at separate venues.

He’s got nearly 20 years of experience under his belt and it shows. The man knows exactly what he wants his work to sound like and precisely how to make it sound that way. Much to his benefit, Davis has found ways to showcase his voice in a way that many of his fans wouldn’t have even thought possible.

In songs like “Hang Tight,” Davis sings with a voice that is as gruff and rugged as it is smooth and forgiving. His father-like attachment to his music allows for the ultimate crooning experience, piercing the hearts and minds of everyone bold enough to give him a listen.

He also makes songs like “Magnolia” rich with calm lyricism and an enjoyable melody to boot.

On his Soundcloud, you can find plenty of his work, all as moving as that one. Give it a try!

Joshua Davis Just What The Doctor Ordered

In a music industry full of money hungry individuals driven by fame, it’s always nice to see someone like Davis go against the grain. He’s got warmhearted lyricism and a nice voice working alongside it.

Stepping onto an internationally recognized talent show is no easy task, and he’s already done it — while staying true to himself. Joshua Davis is undoubtedly an artist much more well-suited for the spotlight than many we may come across. Let’s just hope this next album helps him get there.

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