Joy Oladokun Release Deeply Stirring Debut Album

Joy Oladokun

I’m not sure if it’s the hint of feminism within me that kicks in when I hear a new, powerful female vocalist, but there’s definitely something about it that gives me a sense of girl power. Myself, I’m a terrible singer, but I can always appreciate it when I listen to a female artist that seriously kicks ass.

Joy Oladokun is an LA-based singer/songwriter that released her album Carry in late April. Being that this is her first full-length album, there’s got to be a feeling of sheer vulnerability putting your passion out on the line for everyone to hear, and I must say I seriously commend Oladokun for her guts with this one. It’s an extremely well developed album that features a blend of pop and indie tracks for your ears to be graced by.

Joy Oladokun Conjures Pure Emotion

The first track, “Fight For It” starts off as an upbeat tune and as the vocals kick in I am amazed. Joy Oladokun sounds far more vocally developed than some current high-profile artists I’ve heard (no shade being thrown with that comment). There’s such soul in her voice that blends so well with the tempo of the track, and she sounds wise beyond her years.

The second track “Shelter” is the first single that was taken from the album and starts off with a beautiful piano melody with tender vocals that perfectly flow from my speakers. I must say, this song is giving me LIFE right now. There’s a definite Adele-inspired sound with this one, but in a slightly more mellow way. It’s a very beautiful song. As the slight tambourine sound erupts into the background, it plays so nicely with her voice that you’d think you’re listening to this song on a top 40 radio station.

“Carry” is the fourth track from the release, and again starts off beautifully with a dramatic piano piece that makes you want to cry before you even hear the lyrics. Everything flows so perfectly it’s ridiculous. I’m not even sure how much more I can commend Oladokun on her talent, but I’m going to continue to do so nonetheless. There’s a definite feeling of passion in each of her tracks, and it will never cease to amaze you.

The ninth and final track, “Animals & Angels,” is a bit more stripped down than the previous tracks, as the vocals are the most prominent feature within the song. Of course, there’s yet again so much emotion with this one and the acoustic guitar fits so perfectly with the more “unplugged” style of vocals. There’s no autotune, there’s no glitz or glamour, it’s just simple and beautiful music.

You can listen to the rest of Carry over on SoundCloud.

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