Hellena – Taking The Leap Of Faith To Be A Star


It takes real guts to truly go for it with your music career.  We all know this is a rough business that can chew up and spit out very talented artists.  The only real way to avoid this is to put in the huge amount of work needed to become a mainstay in the music industry.  It will never be easy but our recent find Héllena seems to be making the right moves to become a star.

Hellena Dives In With Both Feet

The Greek born Singer/Songwriter (formerly Helena Micy) decided to take a leap of faith and moved to the UK in 2011 to work with MTV award-winning producer Stereo Mike.  Once Héllena moved to London it wasn’t long before she made her mark on the music scene. Not only did she reach number 1 on London’s ReverbNation Electro/Pop/Soul Charts but also entered into the MTV’s Unsigned Top 20 which led to good things for this immensely talented Singer/Songwriter.  She loves to perform and has drawn in a quick fanbase with her busy touring schedule including a SXSW performance in 2013.  Even when not on the road Hellena finds a way.  Last month she performed a full gig for her fans online through the Periscope app.

The latest track “Now I See” has caught some major attention.  The mellow electro track features pieces of other genres such as Funk and World music.  Hellena’s vocals are sensual and pair well with the atmospheric sounds of the song.  To paint a picture in your mind visualize Shakira fronting a new version of Depeche Mode.  

Take a stroll to http://hellenaofficial.com/ to find more news and music.

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