Tony Vegas Pumps You Up with “Crystal Waves”

Tony Vegas

Everyone likes a nice dance beat every once in a while; something that’ll kick start your day and get you pumped up (even if its a Monday).

Tony Vegas is an Australian born DJ that currently calls Hungary his home. He can be found playing his original tracks in various clubs and would describe his style as “nu disco and chill out.” I’m gonna admit, I don’t exactly know what that means, but it does sound exciting.

Tony Vegas Previews Laid Back Tune

Listening to the preview of his new track “Crystal Waves” featuring American singer Natalie, I’d say that it is quite exciting. It’s a bit more chill than I expected it to be, which might be where the “chill out” part comes from, but there’s definitely still something there that pumps you up and gets you dancing.

There’s an echo to the vocals that lingers in your eardrums for a while, and it’s not a bad thing. The tempo of the song is steady and there’s a nice shift every once in a while, but overall there’s a sense of consistency there. It’s a song that I could probably imagine being played during a runway walk at a fashion show. There’s a sense of exoticism in the song, and there’s a certain raspy tone to the male vocals that make it so that there’s a certain sexy sound to it.

I must say, the preview makes you really want to listen over and over. Although it’s less than two minutes long, you’re really drawn into the track and can feel the song reverberating within your body. It’s an entrancing track and although I may not have heard anything from DJ Tony Vegas before, it really makes me want to dive in and listen to more.

Like I said in the beginning, everyone needs a feel good dance track every once in a while — you never know, “Crystal Waves” just might be the one for you.

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