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Serge Bulat

One of the true purposes of music is to take the listener on a journey.  The number of full albums that include a concept has dwindled over the last decade as consumers have taken to the instant gratification of a singles society.  When an artist, such as recent find Serge Bulat, is able to put songs together to form a complete saga we take notice.

The electronic producer and singer-songwriter in the Eastern European nation of Moldova.  There was a passion for music in Serge Bulat from the earliest days of his childhood.  He started playing the piano at the age of 7.  Music school was next where he majored in piano.  The fire was lit and Bulat moved to the capital Chisinau to further his career in music and radio.  The jobs he caught in radio put him on the map with multiple shows gaining a rapid fanbase.  With his direction and vision, Radio 21 won the “VIP” award for the best radio station in 2007.  

Serge Bulat Keeps Pushing Forward

Creating his own music still pulled at Serge Bulat but he knew that to truly advance this side of his career a big move to New York City was in order.  Here he discovered a world of experimentation with remixing and sound design, which later evolved into an avant-garde musical titled “No Exit”.  It wasn’t until 2013 but that is when Serge Bulat’s solo career as he produced songs for two different visions, one completely instrumental and the other – vocal. The result being his release of the first two songs: “Shofar” and “Red Shift Motel”, which showcased his skill of instrumental creation and full sound creation.  

Serge Bulat journey

Now Serge Bulat is set to release his biggest project yet, a full concept album called Queuelbum that fuses electronica, neo-classical, trip-hop and alternative elements for something truly innovative.  Divided into chapters Q15 and Q 25, these individual parts create a representation of the future and the past taking the listener through a full journey.  Right from the opener “Automaton” you know you are in for something different.  The stage is set with exotic beats building on top each other to form a real energy.  Church Organ opens “Idiots In Heaven” fro a twist but then the pairing of multiple drum beats lets the mind drift to where it wishes.  The vibe is slowed down on “Prognosis” with a short melody repeating while the sonic space is filled with quite eerie sounds to take the listener down a dark piece of the journey.  On “Walker” the dark path continues but again Serge Bulat brings in more and more sounds to lift you up.  By the time you reach the closer “Eared Ones” you have to accept that control of your mind has been given up.  The spacey tones let you down softly though and the mind warp ends with the sound droning off to a flatline.

This is an album truly meant to be experienced in one full sitting.  You can have a listen and buy the record here at iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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