JRS3 Brings Your Daily Cup Of “Coffee” With New Single


It’s time to immerse yourself in the hip hop world with a new release from JRS3, better known as Johnny Raymond Sanford III. This seriously abbreviated artist just put out his new single “Coffee,” along with a music video.

JRS3 Gets His Pick-Me-Up

After receiving thousands of views for his track “Red White Blue,” which won an Akademia Award, JRS3’s popularity has definitely gone up and fans have been anxiously awaiting this new single, which is a bit of a mix between an electronica sound and a hip hop vibe.

The music video starts out in a very lush, green field in what appears to be a drone flyover. The electronic sound starts early on, almost sounding like a theme song for a video game. The vocals seem to be somewhat in the background as the beat of the track fully takes over the song. Background vocals chant “coffee” in a deep, somewhat scary voice, really putting those subliminal messages in your head.

The vocals in the foreground of the track are very rhythmically pleasing and they flow really well with the electronic sounds that flow through your speakers as you’re listening. I’d have to say that this song caught me by surprise by blending together these two sounds so well. Normally, blending together two completely different genres of music is something that is not so easily mastered, but it seems to work out well in this situation.

I must say toward the end of the track, there’s a bit of a rock vibe in the vocals as they go from being quite mellow to more intense in nature. All the while, the music video (which is of great quality) is quite comical as there’s a scene in a seemingly immobile vehicle, a very captivating use of wigs, and an attractive woman laying on a couch. I may have been a bit confused while this was all going on, but it was definitely interesting nonetheless.

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