The Fuzzy Crystals Prove that ‘Magic Is Real’

The Fuzzy Crystals

The Fuzzy Crystals have nuzzled themselves quite tightly into a psychedelic niche fit for any easy-going occasion. Their work serves as a mental Delorian, sending us at God’s speed to an entirely different point in time. One that’s slow, peaceful, and well- fuzzy!

The LA based indie outfit has a Kickstarter campaign set to close today and, with less than $800 left to raise, this last push could be crucial. They’re starting up their second studio album, Magic is Real, and are ready to work with critically-acclaimed producer Gus Seyffert (Beck, The Black Keys, James Supercave, Steady Holiday).

Their debut album was all but forgetful and they’ve seen nothing but improvement since. We’re stoked to see where this goes.

The Fuzzy Crystals: Far From Average

It’s not every day that you come across a band quite like The Fuzzy Crystals.

They’ve successfully meshed their poetic lyricism with poignant sound and soothing vocals — and have fun doing it. Their debut album Its Over was really quite daring, to say the least, standing as a true testament to both their talent and willingness to step outside of any box you could ever put them in.

Stylistically speaking, the band is definitely most at home within the indie/alternative genre. They generously sprinkle soft vocals overtop authentic and maybe even pure instrumentation. Male vocalist Chris Hackman also lays down stunning work on the bass guitar, and it’s matched with various chord progressions from David James T. and Thomas Queyja.

A listen to The Fuzzy Crystals can either treat you to a night out for drinks or keep you locked in your room singing along the whole night through. In songs like “Wasted,” you might find yourself doing both. A piece tailored to the innumerable wine-drinking, cat-loving, twenty-somethings of the world, “Wasted” lets the Crystals to step away from their typical sound and try something new.

I’m going to call “Somebody Comfort Me” their best work on the album. The piece is armed with stout lyricism, perfect harmony and vocalism, and a steadfast tone throughout the entire song. The Fuzzy Crystals didn’t just make music on that one, they made a classic.

Rollin’ With The Buzz

The Fuzzy Crystals released It’s Over on Bandcamp in February of this year. The album was well-received with their fans and definitely showed promise, but it is only the beginning.

This coming winter will be spent taking the next step on the psychedelic journey fate has laid out for these guys. Though the journey may at times get cold and hard, let’s hope their sweet tunes can keep them energized, warm, and fuzzy!

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