Junksista Release Provocative New EP

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Hailing from Germany, Junksista has given birth to yet another musical art piece.

Trust No Bitch is a hypnotic EP which can be described only as similar to being in a house of mirrors. The duo, Diana and Boog, have released ample amounts of music in the past, but this EP shows a completely new side of the two. It varies greatly from the pair’s other work, largely because of its deeply dark, unsettling sound, which gives it a distinctly science fiction or horror feel.

The title track, in fact, is a single from Junksista’s upcoming mini-album, American Love Story, the written as the soundtrack to an indie horror film of the same name directed by Timur Ögre. Despite knowing this, I find that the beat is oddly soothing.

The second track, “C.S.F.,” leaves little to the imagination in terms of possible deeper meaning. The lyrics are clear cut and very brazen — provocative, to say the least — yet they still have a rhythm to them that makes you want to head bang. If you were on the prowl for a good hype song for an activity such as standing up to your boss, this is the one for you.

The relative monotone of the vocals and variation of the beat and pace allow the music to adapt to each individual listener. I will admit that the lyrics themselves made me smile, but that was purely due to the audacity and brutal honesty of them.

The last four tracks are drastically different remixes of “Trust No Bitch” by XMH, Dekad, Restriction 9, and Venal Flesh. Though individual takes own their own composition, the remixes serve to reinforce the incredible adaptability of Junksista’s music, each different take transferring the same message over many different wave lengths.

While this music doesn’t normally float my boat, I will admit that it was hard to sit still or dislike it once it started. It was pleasantly surprising to learn how enjoyable such dark music could be.

Hear it yourself here.

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