K-Syran Pours Out The Smoke In Her Veins


Many musicians choose to use their notoriety as a platform to push for much more.  This is a power that should not be taken lightly and used to increase the good in the world and expose its injustices.  Our recent discovery K-Syran has combined her many talents to make a difference in this wild world.

The singer-songwriter, also known as Katrina Syran, wears many hats, such as actress, director, producer, and human rights activist.  K-Syran is now based in a place known for its humanitarian convention: Geneva, Switzerland.  It seems to be her fate to make the world a better place.

Born in Norway, she embarked on a musical career early on, following in the footsteps of her father, a professional drummer.  No genre was off limits as she developed.  K-Syran has worked within jazz combos, hard rocks bands and more recently dance music producers.  

At the same time, K-Syran is known as a devoted feminist with a parallel career as a playwright and activist for women’s rights.  In 2015, she took her play Breaking the Silence: Monologues on Gender, Voice and Violence to New York, where it was presented at the United Nations as part of a Lecture Series on Women, Peace and Security.

Last month K-Syran released the album Smoke in My Veins on Intimacy Records.  The 11 track record is a pop-heavy collection that infuses rock, jazz, and dance music influences.  The opener “Hello” grabs attention right away with the sing-along choruses and a sweet yet energetic sound.  There is a darker and more rocking vibe to “Sacred Love”.  The aggressive instruments contrast K-Syran’s sweet vocal style perfectly to draw in fans of both sides of the musical spectrum.  

The dance music genre shows its head on “I Can’t” with a sexy assortment of sounds creating a pulsating beat to get your body moving.  There is real energy here that is contagious.  Judging by her songs “Death By Love” and “You Don’t Love Me Anymore,” it seems like K-Syran may have had some negative relationships.  Luckily she is not afraid to share her personal stories with all of us, giving us a chance to get deep into her personality.  The record closes with the even more emotion-laden “Skin”.  There is a raw openness to her vocal delivery on this one that allows the listener to truly relate to the real person that is K-Syran.  

You can learn more about her and hear more music at http://ksyran.com/.


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