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Kal M

To get the music you create out there you need to use every possible outlet you can.  One that is truly necessary in this day and age is YouTube.  The music fan now expects to be entertained both aurally and visually.  Far too many new artists overlook this huge promotion portal.  One artist that is doing it right is our new find Kal M.

The singer-songwriter and guitarist grew up in the snowy Northeast city of Erie, Pennsylvania.  Music has been inside of Kal M for a while.  He is now based on the other side of the country in Los Angeles, California and is ready to share all his experiences through his music.   The sound he has developed is deep in the pop genre but adds some urban and dance beats to put his own identity into the songs.  He has worked with producers Father MC and DJ Clayton William back in 2015 to put together his debut The Journey To You.  Now Kal M is back and preparing to release the follow-up Kalmworld in August of 2016.  



The new EP is starting off with the single “City Nights” and is accompanied by a high-end video that will help spread Kal M’s sound.  Right from the start, the smooth beat will set the mind at ease.  The vocals continue the sleek feel of the song as Kal M has a way of flowing the lyrics together that is slightly intoxicating.  The music video adds a dark vibe with a sense of raw emotion and love that adds another level to the track.

Tour dates will be announced in summer of 2016.  Keep up with that and more at http://www.kalmworld.com/

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