Kawehi’s ‘Eve: A Sci-Fi Visual Album’


Kawehi is unbelievably talented.

She’s a very free-thinking artist and has opened our eyes to an amazing art form that many have likely never come across. She plays multiple instruments and sings not just passionately but confidently. It’s obvious that she truly believes in the music she makes and wants her fans to as well. Above all else, she doesn’t simply record her music and let it out for a listen; she’s a master in the digital arts as well.

Kawehi’s set to release an all-new science-fiction themed visual album, Eve, later this year and she’s taken to Kickstarter to fund the ambitious project. Needless to say, an artist with such talent, creativity, and drive is definitely one that’s worth a listen.

Kawehi’s Versatility

Kawehi has effectively merged nearly every form of modern artistry to create a beautiful style of socially conscious, upbeat, indie electronic music.

Her music most frequently incorporates synthesized sounds kept in tempo by either light drum rythms or her own beatboxing skills.

In songs like “ANTHEM”, which has amassed over 485,000 views on YouTube, she wondrously illustrates the one characteristic that so strongly sets her apart from other artists — her versatility. The song and the visual work in perfect synchronization, allowing both the beat and the visual effects to build off of one another in captivating fashion.

Songs like “NEDA”  not only showcase Kawehi’s versatility, but also the dedication and perfectionism she brings to her work. The video presents fiver versions of herself all in one room, each with their own separate clothing and hairstyle. Throughout the song, each character contributes to different aspects of the piece without falling out of sync.

Works like these may, at face value, seem simple, but in actuality take hours of painstaking work and dedication. It’s videos like this that make it very clear what type of artist Kawehi is.

Eve’s Early Expectations

Kawehi often describes herself as a DIY musician and, quite frankly, that’s a title she’s earned the hard way. Funded almost entirely with Kickstarter campaigns, she’s been able to produce seven EPs, dozens of very impressive YouTube videos, and pick up thousands of fans along the way.

We can expect Eve: A Sci-Fi Visual Album to be an absolute multimedia masterpiece. The album is founded in an honest love and understanding of both the sonic and visual elements that make for a great short film. Kawehi plans to utilize several individual visuals along with a concert of music to compliment the wonderfully original storyline that she’s come up with.

As with all of her work, this is something that Kawehi is putting all of her time, effort, and considerable talent into.

We just can’t wait to see what she’s got in store.

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