Kick and the Hug Set For Big Introduction

Kick and the Hug

Over the years the music industry and how bands build a career has changed dramatically. The passion to create great music will always be at the forefront. With this in a band’s arsenal the process can take many different paths. Our new friends from Kick and the Hug have seen this evolution and are now ready to claim their spot in the indie music scene with their debut album on Red Garage Records.

Although the band calls Boulder, Colorado home, they are quite spread out nowadays. The group is made up of singer/guitar player Doug Murray, drummer Sam Young, Mike Ferguson on bass, strings, and vocals, and lead guitarist and in-house producer Tyler Skye. Currently Kick and The Hug are scattered across the country, from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Denver. The ability to collaborate through file sharing has kept the music going. 

To officially launch the project, Kick and the Hug is set to release Ladies and Gentlemen, Kick and the Hug on January 28th, 2022. The 10-track record is an introduction to not only the band but the Live experience that has been lacking for all of us. As the album opens with the steady guitar chugging of “In A Minute” we are eased in before the big chorus grabs us and tells us it is alright to feel good. The indie-rock sound blends the best of the genre from the 90’s to today for a fun KNTH sound.

Music video for “Girl You Changed” by Kick and the Hug

The lead single “Girl You Changed” showcases the sweet songwriting style of Kick and the Hug. They are unafraid to put their real feelings out there and maybe show their age a little. Not in a bad way but in an adult who has grown up kind of way. An elegant mesh of interesting sounds sits behind the strong vocal dripping with real emotion. “Born Too Late” continues this theme of times and music styles changing over the years. The peppy track with grinding guitar delivery brings the best of those years of music to today.

The rock feel expands with “You Drop By” as a steady beat pushes the track ahead. It gets sprinkled with distorted guitar and mellow keys to keep us all guessing where the band will take us next. 

Kick and the Hug slows it down for “Boy” but the exotic sounds are still there. The warm and breezy track eases through the speakers in a truly elegant way showing some real diversity. We get another laid back song with “Daughter.” This one leans toward Americana with even a little country vibe thrown in. As well as a ton of emotion.

There is something for every music lover here. Mark January 28th down on your calendar for release day. Until then keep up with Kick and the Hug on their WEBSITE.

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    Thanks for turning me on to kick and the hug!!! Great songs (the two I’ve heard so far) and clever videos…the hooks play over and over in my head. Can’t wait to hear the whole album!