KLiZO and MDK Get Ready To Dominate With Dubstep Remix


They say a lot of traits run in the family.  Can music, or a passion for it, be considered a trait.  In the case of KLiZO and his brother Sasha Sirota it certainly seems so.  Both have poured their life into music and are now watching it pay off.

The up and coming super producer KLiZO is working hard and making all the right connections to be a star.  It started very young.  Even though neither of his parents was very musically inclined, they were both avid music fans that introduced the kids to the joys of live music at an early age.  

The Albuquerque, New Mexico area that KLiZO grew up in was a breeding ground for underground rock/metal music.  Together with his brother, he would play and organize shows every week building up a supportive scene, all while pioneering a unique sound all their own.  KLiZO plays a variety of instruments and went on to get an audio engineering degree from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

Now based in Las Vegas, Nevada, KLiZO has made some amazing connections with powerful people in the music industry.  Along with his brother Sasha Sirota and super-producer Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, they are known as My Digital Kids or MDK.

KLiZO and MDK Prepare For A Wild 2017


KLiZO recently released a remix of Kap G’s “Girlfriend” to get some plays before the explosion of music coming down the pipe.  The pumped up Dubstep remix is full of skitchy energy that will get bodies moving all over the dance floor.  The ups and down never let up.  Bass drops come in and out to reset your mind and prepare it for warping.  

Prepare for what is to come and have a listen to more music on his SOUNDCLOUD.

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