KRiTTA Says I Will “Deal Myself”

A lot of artists need to make an impactful statement to their audience is a cornerstone beat, and while the percussive pulsations that make up the groove in KRiTTA’s “Deal Myself” are grounds for checking the single and its video out this fall, it’s not the only element of expressiveness to behold here. In the modern hip-hop scene, KRiTTA has been building up a strong following and carving out a sound that is nearly impossible to classify – it’s as much a funky style as it is a trap hybrid, and in “Deal Myself,” it’s coming at us with more of a force in its rhythm than many might know what to do with.

I love the way the lead vocal is layered in between the instrumental components in the master mix, and though it’s backed by some awesome feminine harmonies in the background, it never gets lost in the haze of melodicism blanketing every beat in the song.

There are moments in which “Deal Myself” feels deceptively simple, as though it’s hiding some elaborate intricacies deep within its hook that just aren’t audible to the untrained ear, but a lot of this is because of the jazz influences in KRiTTA’s sound. He’s got a calculated way of composing and executing his musical ambitions, and that’s made so obvious in his new track and its video that critics of all skill levels won’t be able to hear “Deal Myself” without acknowledging as much.  

Some real treasures are coming out of the hip-hop underground in both America and abroad at the moment, but I honestly don’t think you’re very likely to hear anything like what KRiTTA is recording and offering up in songs like this one. He’s got an appreciation for soulful stylings that, while initially falling out of fashion decades ago, are back in the central spotlight in 2022 thanks to the curious minds of a new generation intent on reveling in a powerful musical history. “Deal Myself” is easy to love, but moreover, so is the musician who is bringing it to our attention.  

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